Boat Repair in Fort Lauderdale & New England

Dynasty Boat Repair

Full service boat repair in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, & New England including mechanical, electrical, and HVAC. Electronics and sound system installations also provided. A quick and proper diagnosis is needed for efficient boat repair which is why a skilled technician is critical. Some mechanics are unable to troubleshoot effectively and thus cost the boat owner unnecessary costs for both parts and labor.

A good place to start is to find a technician that is certified by the American Boat and Yacht Council or ABYC. This insures the mechanic has met certain standards and passed a standardized exam verifying their skillset. All technicians at Dynasty are ABYC certified.

With modern marine engines being controlled electronically by computers it is critical to have diagnostic software that can quickly determine what is the issue with an engine. Newer engines have fuel injectors which is completely different from older carbureted models. At Dynasty we have invested in Diacom dealer level marine software that can quickly diagnose both electronic and mechanical problems on later model boats. engines